Is Intel lacking behind??

The king of the processor industry is struggling a lot to keep up the pace with AMD in the latest trend. They are still working with 14nm architecture while AMD is rocking with their 7nm architecture and planning for 5nm architecture for their latest upcoming AMD Ryzen 4000G series. Doesn’t it mean that intel is struggling??

A few days back in a conference meeting about upcoming product intel is saying that they had some technical issues for their 7nm architecture which results in that their 7nm processor will launch in late 2022 or the first of 2023. While the company is also working with its graphics device but with all the prospects considering intel is lacking behind AMD. AMD almost capture the industry of gaming and productivity with their unbeaten processors in every range. Staring form low budget like Athlon processor to Thread tripper. Even the flagship processor from intel the i9-10900k is struggling to keep up the pace. Yes, this time intel has gone with the trend of multiplication of threads with cores still they are lacking in climbing up the list in the multicore benchmarks. Yes, intel is famous for its single-core performance but they are struggling with multicore one.


With the release of the 10th generation processor, everyone thought that intel will be back with something out of the box. Yes undoubtedly they were there but still the processor is not up to the mark to beat AMD. With a high price tag and still multi-core issue, everyone is preferring Ryzen 5 3600/3600x over intel i5-10500 series for their budget build. Even the experts are referring to Ryzen than intel because due to its high bus-speed memory support.

The step taken by Intel which hurts its consumers most is the change of socket. The 10th generation processor is not compatible with LGA 1151 socket. So, the consumer needs to get a new motherboard which is hardly available now if they are looking for the 10th generation CPU. Even they are afraid to but the motherboard by thing what if intel again change the socket???  There is a lot of verdict regarding this step taken by intel. Why intel??? Whereas AMD promised their consumers that their latest 4000 series processor will support the B450 motherboard with the latest bios update and also including the B550 and x570 series.

With these types of decisions, intel is really losing its ground in the market. Hopefully, they get out of these situations. So, at last, the question is to you all…Isn’t Intel lacking behind AMD???

With the existing consumer out there they still believe that Intel will roar again and rule again. So the challenge is now to Intel to fight back and for AMD to hold its position and continue roaring….

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