“Self-Employment and Education can Alleviate Poverty. “

Bangladesh is a developing country. Poverty is one of the various problems in Bangladesh. At present, the poverty rate in Bangladesh is 21.6 percent. According to the World Bank, Bangladesh has great potential to alleviate extreme poverty by 2030. Self-employment and education are the main and prerequisites for poverty alleviation in Bangladesh.

The unemployment rate is on the rise as there are fewer jobs than the population in the current market. In order to increase the workplace in the market, create your own work without running after the golden deer called a job. It is not possible to alleviate poverty as long as the population remains unemployed. Therefore, the creation of suitable employment opportunities for them is a prerequisite for liberation from poverty. Basically, poverty arises due to a lack of real knowledge and education.

So either capital and technology should reach them or capital and technology should reach them. Now, if the development of capital and technology is at a high level, then there will be no bridge between labor and knowledge at the lower level. The main tool. Anyone can easily get employment by acquiring real knowledge and education. As a result, poverty will be reduced and unemployment will be reduced. Therefore, proper use of workplace technology will be made through skilled manpower.

Now for this skilled manpower, if employers reduce their profits Capital and technology can make them useful by giving them appropriate and effective education. In this case, a company has created skilled manpower with its own money but someone else can take them elsewhere by showing greed for their money. That is why the government has to take the reins of this step. Because it is difficult to get this sacrifice among the entrepreneurs. For this, the government has to collect the necessary money or investment from the rich.

Even if it is achieved through planned employment and planned education, if the quality of education and the ability to produce is not enough, then poverty will not be eradicated by the income earned. Therefore, in order to alleviate poverty through education Have to. Therefore, it can be said that Public Goods i.e. education are universal commodities so their supply and responsibility rests on everyone. In a word, it is the responsibility of the government to build the necessary education system and it is the responsibility of us or the society to provide the necessary expenditure to the government in a timely manner.

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