The Top Laptop Company in the World for 2022

The laptop company industry has changed dramatically over the past 20 years, as technology has advanced and computer-savvy users have continually demanded better features in their laptops at lower prices. The top-six laptop companies today are Toshiba, Samsung, Dell, Apple, Asus, and Lenovo, but which of these companies will be the top-selling laptop company in 2022? Read on to find out!

Top six Laptop companies in the World


After several years of exclusively focusing on mobile devices, Apple had plans to create a laptop computer in 2010. But Steve Jobs denied rumors of their intent to produce a new laptop when The Wall Street Journal interviewed and claimed they were getting ready for Windows 8’s release. Little did they know what was coming next-their. Laptops were so far behind that Windows 8 became one of Microsoft’s most significant failures (soon surpassed by Windows 10).
Rumors persist that Jobs created his prototype, which ran Mac OS X, and used it as his only personal computer while running NeXT. It’s been lost or destroyed since his death from cancer. Apple won’t confirm the speculation, but it would not be a surprise if it were true.


Lenovo is the number one laptop company, taking the number one spot in all things related to laptops, with an overwhelming 67% global market share. They are a Chinese multinational company that was founded back in 1984. Recently, Lenovo has been expanding rapidly, both organically and through acquisitions. Currently, Lenovo owns Motorola Mobility from Google’s buyout, Medion AG from Germany, and Ishtar from France, enabling them to have significant supply chains across Europe. Beyond that, they operate a chain of retail stores worldwide (including China), allowing them to spread costs over several operations. The rapid growth that Lenovo has had recently seems poised to continue and make them a powerhouse within the laptop industry.


What started as an electronic company has become one of the top laptop companies in the world. In 2014, Samsung partnered with Microsoft to launch their laptop and tablet line, aptly named Samsung Galaxy Notebook and Tab3. The Galaxy Notebook range comprises 2-in-1 laptops, and their Tab3 range consists of slimmer tablets focusing on entertainment and business.


As the largest laptop company, Toshiba has had significant success. Toshiba has become one of the best-known companies worldwide, focusing on laptops and devices for education. Founded on 13th May 1875 by Junnosuke Nishi in Tokyo, Japan, Toshiba created its first laptop in 1997. A trend they are following through on as they continue to grow. It should be no surprise that Toshiba is leading by example to improve technology products with innovations like Toshiba’s Thin NEMO Q900 device. This high-end computer provides a quality keyboard essential when typing long term while saving battery life with an adaptive keyboard mechanism and ultrathin laptop design.


You’re in luck if you have your eye on a new laptop or tablet. Asus is taking the top position as one of the world’s most innovative and quality laptop companies. Known for their reliability and gorgeous screens, they set high standards globally with each release. For the past few years, they’ve been investing significant time and energy into improving manufacturing techniques to cut down on environmental waste by recycling leftover metals that would otherwise go to waste.


In just 20 years, Dell has overtaken many competitors to become the top laptop company. Here’s how it all happened. In 1995, as IBM was closing down its retail stores and slashing prices on its computers, Dell began taking over its distribution channels. To help with production costs, Dell opened factories overseas (mainly in Asia) instead of domestically. As a result, by 1999, they could charge less per laptop than any other major manufacturer and still turn a profit—though, at times, this strategy came at the expense of customer service. Still, it helped them keep their prices lower than competitors like Apple, Sony, or Panasonic. This led to their ultimate goal: The world’s number one laptop company.


2022 was the year that HP launched a new computer called the ‘HP Nova 6000’. The laptop company had invented a new concept of computers that was simpler and sleeker than ever before. With 22-inch HD screens and all-aluminum bodies, this device has taken over laptops because of its high-end features. There were models available to suit any individual’s needs with three different configurations to choose from (AMD Radeon graphics or Intel HD graphics). It also boasts an incredible battery life of 16 hours, allowing you to use it for prolonged periods without worrying about running out of power. The price ranged from $499-$549 depending on which model you selected.

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