Using Positive Self-Talk in Our Daily Life

We should use positive self-talk throughout the day in order to establish a new thinking pattern, we will probably have established a pattern of negative thinking for many years and this will take time to overcome, to start with we should aim to repeat positive self-talk around 50 times throughout the day, this can be achieved by repeating positive statements quietly to ourself or out loud. Positive self-talk can be used for many different aspects in our life, it can help us to overcome difficult situations, gain more confidence in ourself, help us to quit habits, recover quicker from illness or make changes to our life in general. Popular phrases or sentences that can be used in positive self-talk include.

Here is an interesting challenge – this could be used when a problem occurs in life or there is some difficulty, rather than looking at the situation in a negative way and thinking we have a problem, thinking of it as a challenge is a much more positive way of dealing with it.

“I like the person I am” – this could be used to boost self-confidence and gain respect about ourself and the person we are; similar statements could be “I am the best”, “I am a good person” or “I have many excellent qualities”.

“I know I can do this”–this could be used if we are faced with a certain task that we would previously doubt ourself capable of conquering, similarly we could say “I have the ability to conquer this” or “this doesn’t pose a problem for us”

“I am full of health, vitality ” – this can be used to encourage good feelings about our health either after we have been sick or while recovering from an illness.

“I am fulfilled as a person” – this can be used to encourage good general positive thoughts about ourself and the world in which we live.

So talk with yourself….klk

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