Mujib Ahamad – Entrepreneur, Social Activist, Digital Creator

He started freelancing as a Web and Mobile App Developer. He has developed a lot of Websites and Mobile Applications for his Clients over the World. In 2020, he Started his Own Company Named “Techies Atelier“.

Mujib Ahamad the Founder and CEO of Techies Atelier who is also a Founder of Trendolog has named it very creatively. Techie means a person who is very knowledgeable or expert about technology and especially in computing. And an atelier is a factory where an artist or expert creates. It’s a French word. The company Techies Atelier is named after a combination of these two words.

Techies Atelier is a Team of Highly Experienced developers to help you get your product on-demand at the right time. It serves you according to your needs. Professionals from various backgrounds always try to fulfill safe customer service. Techies Atelier provides you several services like Mobile Application Development, Web Development, Graphics Design, Ux/UI Design, Motion Videos, and more to assist your goal.

What if someone tells you, “Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.” This is the essence of Techies Atelier.

The team of Techies Atelier has the smart experience, ultimate perfection, unlimited revisions, strict deadline, and more than 200 positive feedbacks. It also has 100+ satisfied clients. It has completed more than 300 projects. They are open to any kind of suggestions or technical help for clarifications before any deal.

He is a good leader also. He had worked with many national and international organizations as a leader. He was the Founder President of the SRCC Science Club. He was also president of Appload.

In fact, in this Covid-19 pandemic, he didn’t stop working for people. He was serving his local area as a Covid Volunteer. He works with Red Crescent Society and founded a team of Volunteers of 7040.

Best Wishes for Mujib Ahamad

-Team Trendolog

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