Top Careers for Fresh Graduates

MD Abu Ahad Khaled


Top Careers for Fresh Graduates

This is 2021 and everybody knows how hard it became to manage the dream job just after graduation. But there are some jobs out there that are comparatively easy to start from any discipline. Moreover, the experience might be a little considerable here. But the main thing is it will be a good start as a freshman. Even the salary will be good enough to live the life.

Here we will illustrate top careers for fresh Graduates. Check out all jobs individually and then analyze which particular is more suitable with your background here. Though there are some exceptions that you won’t get a medicine job after doing a bachelor in business but that exception is very rare.

  1. Hospitality and travel management
    This is a kind of job where there is no requirement of any technical degree rather than realistic skills. To become a hospitality & travel manager you really have to have very good communication skills. Additionally, good language skills with smart speaking will add more value to your CV. Apart from that if you have a similar kind of degree or experience, that will add an extra advantage.

As the hotel and tourism industry grows enormously all over the world, the field is developing. The job opportunity is also bigger in this area compared to other fields.

Salary in UK/USA region will be: $24000 to $30000 USD

  1. Software engineer
    Unfortunately, this won’t allow candidates from any discipline but if you have any technical degree such as Information technology (IT), Computer science, Data science you have the chance. Forget about a degree, with proper programming language knowledge you can apply without any doubt.

You know how the world is growing technologically. To be successful in the industry, companies need a lot of manpower who have minimum knowledge in this sector. Initially, experience isn’t required to prepare your CV and apply.

Salary in UK/USA region will be: $60000 to $85000 USD

  1. Teaching
    If you have a passion for teaching, you have to start just after graduation. As more people are involved in school, colleges every year, a lot of teachers are required, with the minimum skill you can apply to be a teacher.

Main requirement is to have a Teachers training course. Other than that you really have to have patience, teaching skills and communication skills. When you have this skill, don’t waste your time, just apply.

Salary in UK/USA region will be: $24000 to $45000 USD

  1. Accountant
    You won’t believe that most financial firms hire fresh graduates, train them and use them to get success. So you don’t need to be superior to get this job. You just need passion in financial, accounting sites with moderate skill.

You are eligible to apply for this kind of job with a business or finance bachelor’s degree. Believe it or not, if you understand the work process you will be successful in this field in a very short time.

To become a professional accountant, a Certified Public Account (CPA) exam is required. If you pass that with a good score then you can apply to giant companies.

Salary in UK/USA region will be: $20000 to $35000 USD

  1. Public relations
    Public relations is all about dealing with your clients and representing your company as a PR manager. If you don’t have a college degree that’s fine but you really have real-life experience.

Initially, any bachelor’s degree in business or marketing will be enough but communication skills, managing power, or organizing power is way more powerful. If you have experience managing programs or organizing events, it will add extra value to your CV.

Salary in UK/USA region will be: $15000 to $25000 USD

Final Verdict
Gathering some extra skills or random experience will take you to your dream job just after graduation. So hope you understand that getting a top career for fresh Graduates is not hard but needs the proper knowledge. As now you have that knowledge, start working in it and be prepared for your first job as a fresh graduate.

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