Can Black Hole Destroy the Earth?

According to NASA, a black hole is such a place in the space where not even…

Unreal Engine vs Unity 3D

So far these are the most used engine to develop the games. These two-game developing engines…

Why spacebar is so long?

Have you ever thought that why the space bar on our keyboards are so long? Then…

Budget Chipset for budget games

Good news for AMD fans and budget gamers as AMD launches its budget chipset “A520” for…

Intel on a hunt- New “TIGER LAKE Processor”

Intel got some sort of hope with their latest 10-generation processor on the market although they…

Artificial Intelligence (AI)-The Next Generation Technology

Artificial Intelligence is the most advanced technique discovered by scientists for the betterment of mankind and…

Is Intel lacking behind??

The king of the processor industry is struggling a lot to keep up the pace with…

যুগের সবচেয়ে পাওয়ারফুল ডিভাইস

কোয়ারেন্টাইনে আমরা ঘর বন্ধি সবাই। এটি অবশ্যই অনেক বড় একটি সমস্যা কিন্তু প্রতিটি সমস্যাই নতুন নতুন…

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