Why spacebar is so long?

Have you ever thought that why the space bar on our keyboards are so long? Then the waiting has ended because I’m in this blog you are going to know about this! Let’s see why!

The keyboard today we use is the upgraded version of typewriter. Type writers are used for ages in several places like courts,offices and many more. So, now let’s figure out that why the space bars in typewriters had a long spacebar. If you had formal typing training then you should know that where should we place our fingers.

so we need to have a very fast typing speed! To make our typing speed more fast, the inventor of typewriter thought that we need to press space after every single words so let’s make it easy to reach and the best way to do it was making it long.

And talking about it’s invention, it was upgraded 52 times in different forms by different scientists. And the keyboard today use it’s a form of the old typewriter.

so that was the main story that why is the space bar is so long if you find this helpful so please share! It helps us a lot.

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