Budget Chipset for budget games

Good news for AMD fans and budget gamers as AMD launches its budget chipset “A520” for budget gamers. Many consumers find “B550” and “X570” chipset on the expensive side, which actually are. So for those new “A520” chipset is here. Although it will not support 1st and 2nd generation CPU. But it is compatible with the 3rd gen CPU and the new AMD’s 4000 series.


It now supports 26x usable PCIe 3.0 lanes with 3rd generation AMD processor.

It also includes USB 3.2 Gen2 ports with up to 10Gbps speed.

2 native USB 3.1 ports support.

6 native 2.0 port support.

And last but not least with 4x SATA ports.

After releasing such chipset all the vendors are now up for manufacturing those motherboards with these budget chipsets as it will be most demanding and budget-oriented. Although having some drawbacks like no overclocking support, it does not affect much. Till now the pricing is not confirmed but expecting some around less than $150.

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