Can Black Hole Destroy the Earth?

According to NASA, a black hole is such a place in the space where not even light can get out because of it’s enormous amount of gravity. Black hole is not actually a hole rather than it is the opposite of uninhabited (empty). As an impact of it’s gravity, any matter is compressed into very small substance.

The most interesting thing about black hole is, no light can escape (even X-rays) from the inner event skyline of it; the whole region beyond which nothing can return from it even if you are travelling at the speed of light!! Now the question is, how can we even see the black holes if there is no light which can’t be seen?

Appealingly, when any matter comes closer to the region of black hole it is being pulled towards it which basically glows or smolders in X-rays. This is what shows us the light coming out of it. This light cannot be seen with open eyes. Scientists use satellite and many telescopes in the space just to observe this high energetic light.

However, many of us may think that a black hole can destroy or eat up the whole world as it’s gravity is so strong that nothing can stand in front of it. Most amusing thing about this concept is, to destroy the earth black hole should have been more closer to the solar system and even if it was closer to the solar system, it will not be able to destroy the earth because the sun is already a few million times less weighs than black hole.

This proves that the sun can never be turned into a black hole as it is not large enough star to make a black hole. Presuming that, the sun has exactly the same mass as black hole; still it won’t be able to do anything to the Earth! Instead of that, the Earth would be orbiting around the black hole (with the same gravity of Sun) as it now orbits around the Sun!

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