How Social Life Is Controlling Us?

Evaluation of gadgets made a significant impact in our life; this evaluation made our life more comfortable as well as complicated in some aspects. There are always two sides to every story. In the current day, it has become so easy to create a social media platform from where anyone can quickly get any updates about anything or anyone’s life. It has become a trend to have accounts in every social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat. These platforms help people to get in touch with one another, but the problem starts when these social media began to control one’s mind.

It’s happening since our great-great grandfather’s generation. Once upon a time, they used to compare their status, money, expensive accessories with their friends or relatives. It plays like human psychology. This comparing mind control tradition is still going on but in a different way. These social media platforms controlling our minds. Now in social media platforms, it has become a battle to gain more followers, likes, comments, shares and retweets as well. People are getting obsessed about showing a perfect life on social media. People spend a maximum of their leisure time on posting the perfect pictures on social media or update a status where they can get many hits and comments. This struggle is destroying mental peace; in the consequences, sometimes these people face embarrassment or regret.

At the end of this discussion, our world is becoming a place where no one can spend a day without using technology. So we need to understand the uses and misuses of social media platforms.

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