How Popular show ‘Friends’ have a Big Impact on Today

Did you know a show which introduced coffee to the world? That show where actors still earn over 20 million dollars even after 25 years of release. So, today we are going to in-depth of the legendary show called ‘Friends’. I think I was the only person who hasn’t watched this show yet. But today I finally did!

So let’s understand how this show was made and how it became and groundbreaking show.

When the creators of this show David Crane and Marta Kauffman were college friends and missing there 20’s single life. So their personal nostalgia led them to Insomnia Café aka Friends. NBC immediately launch the pilot/first episode just after hearing the pitch.

In 1993 we had comedy shows like Seinfeld, Cheers and Fraiser and more. But there nothing for the Teenagers or the young adult people that can crack the emotion of friendship. Marta and David wrote this in just 3 days. But in 1993 when the first/pilot episode was released. 22Million viewers turned and made it a groundbreaking hit!

The biggest strength of this show was its casting and writing. When it was at its peak 14 writers were writing it together. 14 writers! I think protest is the only time that it happens. and another fantastic aspect was its off-screen friendship between the actors.

After the season David Schwimmer was the highest-paid cast member suggested other files to negotiate the same salary together which was set at 100,000$ per episode. There was a person in this world who got extremely hurt. He was actor Craig Bierko. When casting Chandler, Mathew perry was contracted with another show.

He trained his friend Craig to play Chandler. But after the audition, Craig rejected the role himself. When the other show wasn’t commissioned Mathew Perry Agreed to play Chandler. Just imagine today when all the actors are earning millions in royalties. What is Craig feeling like? We all made bad decisions in our life but unfortunately, Craig can’t even distract himself from his sorrows.

The show has a deeper impact on today’s culture which can’t be explained.

‘Friends’ was so successful in the UK that as per a 2010 report 11 million British women got a haircut like Rachel!

And the show was used to learn the American accent. Korean parents made it mandatory for their children to watch the show ‘Friends’ daily. As ‘Friends’ became popular the lifestyle showcased on the show also became popular.

After the release of ‘Friends,’ so many coffee changes boomed! Because they made sipping on a coffee a trend. Even a tea-loving country like the United kingdom.

The demand for coffee e was so much increased that importers couldn’t handle that. And the fun fact is that the producers set to make the set in a simple diner which was quite common at that time because they thought people will not connect with the cafés but the writer stick to the decisions. And for the first and last time producer listen to the writers and the rest is history.

There is a question the wide audience still love ‘Friends’? Even after 25 years. Why is the show on Netflix’s top 10 list every week?

According to the fans: there is no show like friends in this world which can feel us the emotion of friendship. And there were so many short stories which have very deep meanings inside of their own. And you can’t find the answer anywhere if you haven’t watched the show. And all of the friend’s fan believe that there will not be any show which can replace it.

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