Movie Review : Forrest Gump

Movie: Forrest Gump.
IMDB Rating: 8.8
Rotten Tomatoes: 71% fresh
Metacritic: 82%
Personal Rating: 9
Director: Robert Zemeckis
Cast: Tom Hanks, Robin Wright, Gary Sinise, Sally Field, Mykelti Williamson.

Forrest Gump,
A boy who can’t walk without any support.And his is I.Q. is 85,What is right below the average scores.

But his mother believes that her son has the same opportunities as anyone else and lets Forrest know that there’s nothing that he can not to do.

As a boy he is put into braces for his legs since he has a crooked back and really doesn’t have too many friends.

For the first time when he gets on a school bus for his first day of school, nobody will let him sit next to them.This touchy scene is so heart breaking until you hear a little angel’s voice “You can sit here if you want”.A girl named Jenny is owner of this voice.

Jenny, Forrest’s best friend and crush, she looks so incredibly innocent and you love her because she and Forrest are like pea’s and carrots.

But we find out that there is an extreme unfortunate side to her life. Her father is totally not a good man. He touches and kisses Jenny in a different way,which is not usual as a father.
Forrest just assumes that it’s a father’s love since he doesn’t have a dad that could show him that it’s wrong.

Forrest and Jenny together walk every day from school and when some kids from their class start throwing rocks at Forrest calling him stupid, Jenny just tells Forrest “Run, Forrest! Run!”. He miraculously breaks the braces off his legs and run like the wind blows.That maybe is the most important point of his life.

Forrest meets many celebrities from his life that just happened to be there: Elvis Presley visited his house before he become famous, President Kennedy honored him with an all American football award because of his speedy playing style, President Johnson who honored him with a medal of honor for his heroic actions in Vietnam war, President Nixon and John Lennon through a talk show to talk about his medal of honor.

Forrest meets some interesting people along the way too that are even better than these celebrities combined.
Bubba,his Vietnam war friend who dreams of owning a shrimp boat one day and was born with big gums. He is just so wonderful and charming and won’t stop talking about shrimp.

Luteniet Dan, a leader of Forrest’s army in Vietnam who gets saved by Forrest during a huge attack and looses his legs as a result. He has so much pride and wants to die in Vietnam due to his family history tradition of dying in every single American war. He and Forrest make quite a pair.

And of course there’s Jenny, a very tragic figure, she gets more mean as she grows up because she knows that Forrest loves her, in some ways you can’t blame her really. She was obviously abused and I think she felt that Forrest was too good for her or that he couldn’t really give her the love she wanted.

This movie is incredible and should be seen by everyone. I am not joking really, “Forrest Gump” is a remarkable movie what can be an inspiration for everyone. It’s not just about someone stupid who happens to be in great places and historic events just because of being in the right place at the right time. This story is beautiful and will inspire everyone to go the distance and see the world like Forrest did and will never give up on their dreams.

A man can do everything in which he believes!!!

Source used: Google, Wikipedia, IMDB

Review by Abu Bakar Shaim.

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