Kushtia, the city of heritage and culture. This beautiful city is situated in the southeastern side of our country in the Khulna division. Many people visit there every year to enjoy Lalon Mela and Kuthibari. Here I will write the ‘must-try’ foods which will make your stomach happy and make your journey more pleasurable. I will mention the awesome foods with prices and exact locations, you won’t want to miss.


You possibly tried the best chaap in your city. yet to try the mouth-watering best chaap in the Kushtia. If you are in the city and want some snacks, go to the  Mou-bon. Order the chicken chaap with naan. The chicken chap will cost 110 TK. And the naan will coat 15 TK. The chaap will come with sauce and salad, which will double the taste.


If you’re interested in Kushtia famous foods. You might have listened about the kulfi malai. As this is a traditional food which will you get on the street people selling it. It will cost 20 – 60 TK. If you visit Hardinge bridge, rain week, Kuthibari  or other visiting spots, you will find this soothing desert and refresh your mind and stomach.


The tea lover must try the malai cha in Kushtia. That cha is made with cow milk. You can find this kinda malai cha in few places of Kushtia. It may cost 10-20 TK , according to places. You can find this special tea in court station, char-rastar-mor, Molla tower. There are some specials among them, 3 layered tea and Laheni bot-tola special tea. The tea lovers would love these specialties and perfect versions of teas.


Shishir bakery is one of those places you’ll regret if you visit Kushtia and miss it. Shishir bakery has the famous kolija-shingara, chicken patties and egg patties. The bakery serves you the hot and crispy snacks that’ll satisfy your hunger fully. All these are under 50 TK


Now give a shot to the best Halim in the city. You will find few food vans in the evening selling Halim in the city. You must try the Halim from chourhash-mor and char-rastar-mor. The full plate will cost 70 TK and the half plate will cost 50 TK.



Food courts are the specialties of the city. CHOU RASTAR MOR has few courts you should try. The courts are basically called mini Chinese which sells fried rice, chicken fries, aunthons, and soups at a very reasonable price all in 40 TK. You can try the special Chinese in the Kushtia version.


Fuchka and Chotpoti are traditional and famous food items. In Kushtia you’ll get the tasty, crispy, and spicy Fuchka, Chotpoti with sour and sweet sauces. It’ll cost only 40-50 TK.



Thirsty by roaming in Kushtia? Grab the juices in whatever flavor you want. You can find the apple juice, mango juice, orange juice and nut juice, and many more types of juices. This will cost all under 150 TK.

Without all these, there are several restaurants as Mughal-cuisine, Dhoa restaurent, Tomatino and more. There are also homemade foods that provide home delivery to your door. Taste and enjoy city beauty.


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