Story Of NCS

NoCopyrightSounds was started as a YouTube channel in 2011 by an “avid gamer” named Billy Woodford. The label was described by Forbes as a YouTube-first label that permits indie creators to use and even monetize its music freely as long as they provide due credit back to the content owners.” In 2017, NoCopyrightSounds achieved a milestone of over 1,000,000 sales of digital downloads, despite releasing music free.

The label manager Daniel J. Lee said “Similar to services with a freemium model, NCS provides both the selection to enjoy music at no cost but at the identical time also enables fans to support the music across paid services”, asserting that the label releases music free and also sells them.

Woodford, about the milestone, stated, “I’m immensely proud to possess reached 1 million paid downloads, and believe this shows the expansion and strength NCS has built over the years.”He also commented that “The demand for fresh original music from Creators is gigantic and growing daily.”

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