Why banana is a superfuit

Yes you saw that right! If you think that fruits like Berry,Avocado & kiwi are the only superfuits then this blog is going to open your eyes.

These foods are nutritious but not Superfuit because a superfuit must have 3 qualities. Those are,

  • It should be cheap and local
  • It should have a lot of uses
  • It should suit all body types

In this blog you are going to know about why banana is a super fruit.

Banana  is easily available,Very versatile and highly nutritious. And it’s that easy to find you can find it every season on your closest market!

Banana is the best snack option for every time. And it has a lot of vitamin B⁶, pottasium,fiber,calcium and many more.

Banana is Very helpful for gut health. Because it’s soothes your stomach and helps you alot in constipation. All this is great but isn’t it fattening? Then the answer is NO it isn’t. Because, it contains plant sterol which not only burns your fat even reduces cholesterol!

According to scientists banana is a can be used for both weight lose and weight gain! YES! When banana is consumed in the morning with some black pepper in the empty stomach it is a short way to weight loss. And all other times it consumed it helps you to get healthy weight.

Shocked right?

Did you know that the peel of banana contains 10 times more calcium than itself. So don’t forget to scrap that peel.

So know you need to know that why banana is a superfuit!

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