Why Mango is a Super-Fuit

Mango the most essential summer fruit is the king of all fruits, And why not! This royal fruit is not only among the most delicious fruits,but it’s also extremely versatile and healthy. Almost every part of mango tree is useful.

  1. Mango bark relives diarrhea
  2. Mango gum heals cracked feet
  3. Mango seed soothes sunburn
  4. Mango leaves controls blood sugar 

If you are low on hemoglobin don’t miss out on mango this season! It’s very rich in fibre,vitamins,minerals, antioxidants and many more. 

But isn’t it fattening? Not really if you over eat it. A superfuit like this is just have in this season! This superfuit can be consumed anytime except with empty stomach in the morning. According to scientists nutrients in it simulates better when it’s soaked in water a few hours before eating. With so many health benefits and it’s taste can surely beat all sweet dishes in the market. We are truly blessed to live in a country like Bangladesh which contains this superfuit. 


So what are you waiting for? Go grab a mango!

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