All you should know about menstruation (period)


Menstruation (period) is the way of being physically a woman. A girl gets her first period around the age of 9 to 15, depending on the growth of the body. This happens every month for 3-7 days and repeats again after 28 days (on average)of your last period. During the menstruation cycle, your body discharges blood, makes your eggs in your ovaries mature, and prepares your body for pregnancy. Here I’ll explain everything you should know about menstruation.

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⦁ Symptoms
⦁ what to eat
⦁ what not to eat
⦁ Myths



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  • cramps
  • Headaches
  • Bloating
  • Breakouts
  • fatigue
  • Indigestion
  • Mood swings


Cramps in your lower abdomen during your period or before getting period is absolutely normal. Cramps are barely noticeable for some women and for some it becomes unbearable. Menstrual cramps happen because of the excess of prostaglandins.
Besides, women who started their period early, have irregular periods, bleeds excessively can go through the unbearable period cramps. Being thin, smoking, having pelvic infection can cause these cramps. If you’re having cramps and progressively it’s getting worse, you must see a doctor soon.

Changes in the estrogen and progesterone hormone levels during your period can cause headaches. “NATIONAL HEADACHE FOUNDATION,” says menstrual headache hits 60 percent women, and others don’t even feel it.

Bloating or fullness in the stomach occurs during menstruation because of the change of sex hormones in the body. Some people may get confused between bloating and pregnancy as they can consist of similar symptoms. Bloating is a very common problem during the period.

Fluctuation in your hormonal level can affect your skin also. Most of the women face pimples, acne, dark circles, bumps during their period. Not only on face bumps can show up in other parts of your body too.

Due to the decrease in estrogen levels during the period gets you tired. Your energy level goes down those days of the month. Bleeding excessively and not being able to get your energy back can be a matter of concern sometimes. You must take consult of your doctor then.

When it comes to period, your digestive system can get messed up, and suffer you from gas, diarrhea, constipation. Besides other symptoms these are normal. After a period when the hormonal level gets normal, the indigestion problem also geta solved.

Women experience mood swings a lot while their period. In this time hopelessness, sadness, tension, anxiety, irritation, anger, etc captures your mind and soul. This is the toughest symptom a woman goes through at this time.



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Salty food Consuming excess salty food may cause bloating. you should avoid highly processed food that contains a lot of sodium.

Unprotected sex – Unprotected sex while you’re in period can be risky. It can be messy, including the risk of STIs, may have a risk of HIV.

Getting bikini wax – Imagine getting bikini wax on normal days! Obviously that is a terrible pain to take. On your those days your body parts get sensitive. It’s better not going through those pain on your menstruation.

Dairy – Dairy is not a really a good friend while you’re on your period. Skipping dairy can be a solution to your period cramps.

Sleepless night – Sleeping tight on the golden hours is always important. Skipping sleep might hamper your physical and mental health.

Tea/coffee – Caffien can be your enemy on period. Drinking a lot of coffee/tea causes dehydration. On those days you can replace coffee/ tea with green tea.

Cigarettes – Smoking is always dangerous that slowly pushes you to death. smoking can cause hormonal imbalance. It’s better being away from Tabacco on your period.



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Have greens – On your period you should focus on your immunity level. So try to treat your body and heart with greens and vegetables.

Exercise – There is a myth that working out in those days can hamper you. But it’s absolutely wrong. You can do the regular workout to boost your immunity level. But it’s better to skip the heavy exercise.

WATER – Water is your best friend while you’re in period. Have a lot of water to stay away from dehydration as you lose a huge amount of blood on period.

SKINCARE –  On your period days try to take extra care of your skin. As for breakouts, dark circles, acne can show up and make you feel more terrible.

TAKE IT EASY – On your period you might feel demotivated and everything can irritate you easily. Give yourself a healthy break and take it slow. That may calm you down.

HYGIENE – Period and hygiene are related to one another closely. Though hygiene is important all the time. But you need to stay extra careful to not face infections and other diseases.


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⦁ Washing your hair will give you terrible cramps. In reality, there is no relation between washing hair/bathing with cramps.

⦁ Swimming is not for you while on you’re period. Before coming tampons, it was quite impossible. Now you can swim at any time of the month.

⦁ Having sex on a period is unhealthy. There is nothing to worry about if you use protection and absolutely healthy to have sex.

⦁ Women living together end up having the same period date. It absolutely has no scientific explanation.

The period is something women experience until their menopause. Period gives women the ability o have babies. So myths should be removed and people should know what menstruation is and be more conscious.

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